Test Series

“Practice makes a man perfect”

Testing oneself is the only way to know how much one has learned, to know whether one is ready for the exam, to deal with unnecessary fear, and most importantly gaining confidence for success.

Test series are an indispensable part of UPSC preparation. Keeping this thing in mind, KWA organizes test series for Prelims as well as Mains.

Prelims Test Series

Under our “CRACK PRELIMs” program we organize multiple tests for GS and CSAT papers. It usually starts in NOVEMBER-DECEMBER. The tests include section-wise and comprehensive rounds to test candidates for each aspect of the syllabus. We are very sincere about the quality of questions framed for test series. For this, we have selected a highly skilled paper setter team. They set papers on the line of UPSC standards and difficulty level.

The test series is available OFFLINE as well as ONLINE. Each test is followed by a detailed discussion of every question in the test paper. During this discussion strategies & techniques to solve the paper is also discussed. Step by step as the test series unfolds students are trained to tackle the questions with the knowledge they have.  Also, the feedback gained in every test helps students upgrade their preparation in every next test. This prepares the students gradually to crack the  Prelims.

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Mains Test Series

General Studies

We have the complete test series for all GS papers i.e. GS I, GS II, GS III & GS IV, and Essay paper. While conducting the test series for mains we are fully aware of the dynamic nature of Mains questions asked by UPSC and in a response to that, we are very careful about the standard of the questions framed.

The schedule of the test series is very thoughtfully framed considering the dates of Mains exam and the time required by students for preparation. Tests cover the syllabus initially section-wise and later move towards comprehensive rounds.

After the test, we provide a written model answer for each question. Discuss the whole paper thoroughly, students have one-on-one access to evaluators who give them written in-depth timely feedback for each answer they write.

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Optional Test Series

We have been organizing the test series program for – Public Administration, Sociology, Geography, and all other subjects available in the academy. The schedule of optional test series would be in such a way that it will cover all chapters separately and whole paper I & II also.

We maintain a very high standard & sincerely see to it that all Test papers have  UPSC standards questions, guidance on sources, written model answers, discussion video, written in-depth feedback in a time-bound manner. Students have all-time access to interact with respective faculties.

Click to download Sample Test with Answer Feedback