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The Importance of Current Affairs in CSE examinations is immense. This is the most critical part of CSE Prelims as well as CSE Mains Exam. Aspirants should study in depth to understand the significance of current affairs for UPSC. In fact, all the questions in CSE exams are drafted around current affairs.

UPSC usually does not ask direct and static questions from current affairs in Mains. Questions are written by combining current affairs with conventional knowledge. One interesting reason behind this type of strategy is to check the ability of correlation a candidate has.

Success in UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains Exam is mainly subjected to how well an aspirant is aware of the important current affairs. Preparation of current affairs for UPSC is the key to unlock the exam. It requires practice and revision in a well-connected manner.

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Crack Pre 2020 - Daily MCQs Initiative

If your answer is "YES", which obviously should be, then this is GOOD NEWS for you.

Many of you are going to attempt the UPSC Prelims for first time, or some of you might have attempted it earlier but unfortunately couldn't get through it, even after hard and sincere efforts.

Considering the level of competition in this exam, apart from study candidate needs to solve lot of GOOD QUALITY MCQs since the very beginning of their preparation. However lack of access to good quality and consistent pool of MCQs has proven to be a hurdle for many aspirants so far. But not anymore...!

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The program will be held in two phases.

The FIRST PHASE will cover more than 1000 questions, which will be completely FREE to all. It includes daily MCQs on Static part &  Current Affairs. The standard of the questions would of such a nature that it will test candidates basic as well as advanced knowledge about the topic.

The SECOND PHASE will be a TEST SERIES program which includes Sectional & Comprehensive rounds consisting of about 30 tests in total, completely as per present UPSC pattern. It will be conducted from December 2019 to May 2020 in both, Online as well as Offline format.

The TOP 100 performers in FIRST PHASE would get 100% FREE access to a Rs. 5000  worth PRELIM TEST SERIES of the SECOND PHASE.

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(Hello all,Thanks for your tremendous response that you have been provide us for Crack Pre 2020 - Daily MCQs Initiative.Now till May 2020 we are stopping this activity.So in this period you can solve more MCQ's from our weekly Prelim 2020 Test Series Papers (visit this link) .We will resume Daily MCQ's  activity again in June 2020)

Thank You.

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