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Who can Join this Webinar: Undergraduates / Beginners / New Students

About the "All about UPSC Series":-

This is a Webinar Series for the students who want to prepare for UPSC. Many students do not know about it or have a little bit of information from their friends or the internet. They are many questions students must be having when they start it.

This webinar series contains a series of sessions on various topics such as What is UPSC, the basic structure of the UPSC exam, the Marking system, Their schedule, Optional Subject, interview, etc.

So this is for a beginner who wants to know everything about the UPSC. After going through this webinar one will get a full understanding, and take decisions appropriately about when to start, how to start, how much time it will take to appear for the exam, which option to take, what strategy should adopt, etc.

All these sessions will be taken by Kukan's Wisdom Academy Pune where Nikhil Nangude, Jayendra Walunj, Amit Jadhav and IAS/IPS Officers will also give guidance.

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 Session 1 : UPSC Career Opportunities

Session 2 :  UPSC Exam Pattern

Session 3 : UPSC Prelims

 Session 4 : UPSC Mains

 Session 5 : Improving Written & Spoken English And UPSC Personality Test (Interview)

Session 6 :  Preparation Strategy for UPSC CSE Beginners

Session 7 : Scientific way of Study.

Session 8 : Choosing Optional for UPSC CSE, Important Tips 

Session 9 :  Key to Success  

Session 10 : Planning your Success (will be uploaded soon)

Session 11 : How to make Notes (will be uploaded soon)

Session 12 : How to master Current Affairs

Session 13 : Top 10 Mistakes to be avoided

Session 14 : Traits of a Topper

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